Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kitabe Bahutsi Padhi Hogi Tumne.....

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the situation in our country is chaotic. While most people are criticizing the action of Ram Sena and other Senas, some of them even buying and couriering Mr. Mutalik more and more pink chaddis as a campaign against moral policing; and some are busy planning their own way out to celebrate the day for Love.
For people looking for an innovative idea and as well help the society in a long run, here is sometime interesting coming from UK.
The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world's greatest research libraries. The library has launched a unique Adopt a Book scheme to give your heart's desire a unique and ethical Valentine's Day gift, whilst helping to preserve the world's greatest book collection for future generations.
A perfect gift for all the Shakespeare lovers, one can try the beautifully bound and illustrated copy of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (1901), or Emma Marshall's Shakespeare and his Birthplace, a stunning illustrated guide to Stratford upon Avon as Shakespeare would have known it. Oscar Wilde's House of Pomegranates (1915), his classic collection of fairy tales, is also available to adopt for those who want to bring a bit of magic into their romantic lives.
Click here for the entire collection
Conservation is required to preserve both treasures from the past and modern items, many of which are deteriorating from age and continual use. By adopting a book one can help to protect these items for decades to come.
There are a number of adoption packages:
1. For a minimum donation of £25 the person will receive a personalised certificate that records the name and title of the book they have adopted.
2. For £75 they will also receive a voucher for a public tour of the British Library for two people.
3. For £150 they will also get a permanent personalised bookplate inserted into your chosen book, recording the gift for as long as the Library exists.
4. For £250 they will be invited to a special 'behind the scenes' tour of our Conservation Studios at which they can meet their book and the conservators who worked on it.
5. For £500, your name will be inscribed on the British Library's Adopt a Book Benefactors List.

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