Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It’s not always BUTT obvious

It’s not long since we had heated arguments over a ban imposed on the use of the national flag on sports gears, costumes and dress materials.
"The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 lay restriction on the use of national flag as a portion of costume or uniform by the members of public, in general, and sportspersons, in particular."
But in 2005, the then Information and Broadcast Minister, Jaipal Reddy amended the Act, and the restriction on the use of national flag was withdrawn.
Then on, Sachin Tendulkar was allowed to wear the flag on his helmet, Narain Karthikeyan was allowed to use his special F1 helmet with the flag designed on it, other Indian players in various sports were allowed to use flag on their sports gears and even as a part of a costume or uniform of any description but not as undergarment or below the belt.
Now look at the new jersey launched today by the Indian Cricket Team.

As it is, the colour and design of the jersey are very weird, on top of that couldn’t the designer find a better place to mention the Team Name – Name of our country, than the butt ??
Well, obviously all parts of our body are equal and we needn’t be partial to the upper half of our body compared to the lower, and even the law is not to have flag on below the waistline, no such rule against the name of the country; but then whatever said and done, one can look out for better places to flaunt the country’s name than this..
Lemme know if anyone liked this jersey..!!


Kumar said...

I am with you if you want to start any campaign against this change is the new Jersey of Indian Cricket Team.I think as your blog is among the few website which are visited most number of times,you can start a campaign against this change in Jersey.

Prasoon Joshi said...

I'm not against using the name of the country on any body part. All my body parts are equally loved by me !
However, this particular design sucks beyond doubt!!!
Please ,someone change this jersey, it can be much better designed!!!

Pankaj Parashar said...

this is an example of...
changes r not always for the better