Friday, June 12, 2009

Global Warming or Global Cooling?

Some decades back, the world, according to the many scientists and researchers, was going to come to an end very soon or at the least revert back to an 'ice-age' as the temperatures were going to fall drastically and as they always say, 'the end of human existence'! Books were written, movies were made, lectures were delivered (even small girls addressed gatherings to intellectuals asking them to save their future!).
Now those small girls have become young (or old may be!) and gradually the opinion of the whole world has swung a full 180 degrees! The world apparently is growing hotter now! From a 'global cooling' its become a 'global warming'; almost everything else remains the same though! Its the same sense of warning, caution, fear and an alarm to the human race to 'do your stuff with sensitivity towards environment.'
I found an interesting link. Not an official website but a lot of links that give a good read.

So is there going to be global warming or cooling? I can't tell you! But there are couple of things which I can:

  • Protect the environment. It is your own.

  • Do not pollute.

  • Give attention to your health and that of your kids.

  • Start to fall in love with the color green.


Anonymous said...

some nice thoughts at the end!

though, i must say that the 'love green' bit gets on my nerves sometimes. i mean, nature is not only 'green' : there's so much more in terms of colour to it!
but well, everyone means i shouldn't complain :)

Prasoon Joshi said...

Yup, there's so much more to nature!
A designer like you'd know best :)

hemal said...

Blue and Green are generally associated with Planet Earth and saving it from Human uninvasion. Last year, when the average climate report said that the Global temperatures are down people were mocking and hurling abuses at those who were propagating Global Warming.

This year around, Global temperatures are going to turn 180degrees...

So its an on going debate... what happens is for everyone to see!

you can stop it either ways! hope for the best.