Thursday, June 18, 2009

Harsha's Top 5 News of the Day!

Harsha's affair with the newspaper is legendary! And so is his infliction with 'electronic gadgets' (interestingly, he holds a B.Tech. degree in Electronics & Communication and spent most part of his college life building robots for competitions!). We don't get to read any of his posts lately on CnC because his system has crashed many a times in the last weeks, his cell phone has gone bonkers and his office policies don't allow him to post stuff on Blogger!
Starting today, we're going to go the 'John Naisbitt way' and pull out news from the newspapers that are interesting enough to make an impact in the future, we've decided to call them 'Harsha's Top 5 News of the Day!'. Here are today's top 5 (not in order of importance):
  1. Japanese media reports a possibility of North Korean attack on Hawaii.
  2. Indian Army personnel asked not to post information on Facebook, Orkut and other networking sites.
  3. Anupam Ahuja says Shiney was raped.
  4. SRK fires John Buchanan (finally!).
  5. Its official now - NO CHINESE mobiles in India.


Anonymous said...


how does shiney getting raped impact the future? :O

Prasoon Joshi said...

he he ... the future of the Indian film industry perhaps ;)