Monday, June 15, 2009

Why did Shiny Ahuja rape a domestic help?

According to me, there could be 3 reasons (none can be justified by any means!) for rape:

  1. An insatiable hunger for sex (either because of sex starvation or an ugly-huge appetite)

  2. As a form of revenge/defiance (mostly associated with immaturity and/or youth)

  3. An act of a reckless mind (mostly under the influence of a chemical substance, etc.)

For an actor like Shiny Ahuja, (happily?) married and with a 2 year old daughter, committing such an act is not just shameless but intriguing as well. What circumstances can probably drive this booming actor to such a reckless behavior? It is not a hidden fact that most bollowood actors have access to a lot of 'casual' sex (from both the sexes). In such a case rape could not possibly be an outcome of a starved sex drive!
Revenge? Most probably not! Why would anyone in his position want to take revenge from a domestic help!
This act of rape (if and when proven) is then probably carried out under the influence of some chemical substance which is worrisome! There are so many young females exposed to such reckless people in various parties, pubs, discos, etc. And such acts do happen but often go unreported for reasons like bribed officers, humiliation and shame (on the part of the female).
Just a few days back 100kg of 'rape drug' was seized by the Bangalore police which is worth thousands of dollars in the international market. The horrifying fact is how common the use of such drugs is and how easy it could be to procure such a drug. This particular 'rape drug' leaves the victim unconscious and unable to recall anything that happened to her. Devastatingly, she cannot bear children after consuming this particular drug!
Sex, the violation of it, the lack of it, the discrimination based on it, and all the other evils associated with it have been often covered on CnC. I will leave you with the links of the same now.


akima said...

very informative.. nice blog. keep t up.. Akima

Anonymous said...

though i do not agree with how you've straight away labelled the actor as guilty,
i must concede that the post is very informative!
do keep going!

Prasoon Joshi said...

Well, I didn't want to hurt any fans that's the reason I said, "This act of rape (if and when proven) is then probably..."
Thanks for your support! Its amazing when people like what you write :)

Nitin Joshi said...

there is no justification for rape...rape is a serious offence and if proved shud be severely punished...
but one thing that i think is wat if it was consensual...and in case the maid is trying to blackmail shiney or something...i read in TOI this morning...that court trusts the word of the victim in such cases...thats quite scary..

glad that u brought up date rape drug..thats a very serious issue...

Prasoon Joshi said...

Yes, that's true! A (assumed) victim is always believed in a rape case!
Its a lot like the dowry cases, where the verdict always swings in the favor of the girl. Law is always more about the opinions of the people 'judging' you, it can never be absolute!!!

Big Elephant said...

i was watching shiny's wife on tv
and i must say rape or not...he was a jackass to be boinking the maid when his wife's kinda hot.....idiot!

Prasoon Joshi said...

Well, you know what they say about wives and mistresses (the same goes for candies for diabetics too!), "if someone says you can't have it, the irresistibility climbs!"