Monday, May 14, 2007


Uttar Pradesh elections are something that the whole nation keeps a close watch on. The largest state (considering the population and hence the representation in the nation’s politics) has its own say when it comes to the politics at the national arena. All those who were not with me when I predicted that Benenji (Mayawati for the lesser informed) would ride her elephant in Lucknow this time are already either hiding their faces or expressing shock and are in a state of disbelief. People come and ask me why I support Maya when all she speaks about is how the ‘dalit samaj’ is being targeted by the upper castes. Me being the so called upper caste, I should be more fumed than anyone else right now for more than one reason. First, I’m a student and with the whole hoopla surrounding the reservation for OBCs I personally feel offended that the verdict of the people of my state supported something which is against the principle of equality. Secondly, I don’t like the fact that the party doesn’t have a number of big names associated with it. This may sound funny to you at the first instance but it matters to have people in the party who have had experience in governance before.
But, all said and done, I feel happy that Maya rule is finally going to be a reality in UP. The lady has a flair for good governance and has earlier as well been able to provide a crime free environment for my state. The surge in crime which was so evident in the SP rule would hopefully come down drastically when she comes in power. I’d be happy even if it means a little rise in corruption. Speaking of corruption, she does manage to tame down the ‘babus’ and the higher officials by her own special visits which had come to be known as one of the worst nightmares of the officials.
It won’t be too wrong if I say that I’m looking forward to the elephant ride across the state which is elegant in its own special way. I hope that it doesn’t end up being just another glamorous joy ride for the people in power as it happens so often in India.
Hail Behenji!!!


pourush said...

Dude, this time she has had this brahmin-dalit strong network that supportd her..theres no way she could've gotten that far(numbers strictly) just riding on the dalits wave..
Mulayam didnt help his matters either, getting a few of his 'upper' friends to dank him coz of his over eagerness to run to the lower sections of .u.p.

didi jindabad!..cheers!..

Anonymous said...

In many parts of India there is absolutely NO law and order.

Either the Law and order machinery is totally corrupt and inefficient or it is sidelined by the politicians who work with the gundas

Take the case of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India...

When such is the plight of entire state populations, what will individual husbands falsely charged with 498A do ??

more on the plight of India Husbands on these blogs


Nitin Joshi said...

behenji has mastered the art of socail engineering!from "tilak taraju talwar" admonition, she has moved to "haathi mein ganesh hain...".It has worked miraculously for her.And we should also not forget the election commission's role.
But i guess u r expecting a lot!Some one needs to remind behenji that development does not mean parks and statues !Hope she refrains from political vendetta and concentrate on REAL development!
behenji has an uphill task ahead, but it is not impossible because the numbers are in her favour this time!