Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tara Rum Pum

Watching a movie with friends in a hostel room (pirated one of course) is never a regret. This is the only reason why I should not complain too much about 'Tara Rum Pum'. The movie was 'inspired' by a few hol movies (but this was not too much of a problem, had they done it well). Before I begin with the onslaught let me remind you that it was liked by most indian 'junta' and girls are already drooling over the hunk that Saif has become lately. It will be one of the biggest hits of this year and would probably bag a few awards as well !!! There were a number of sloppy scenes in the movie where least attention was paid to the left side of the brain of the audience.
When RV (that's Saif's name in the movie) tries to woo Shona (this is wat RV calls Rani, sorry forgot the name) he makes a pattern of ILU on the ground. The amazing thing about it is that his car jumps in between the letters to make it picture perfect.
Now, this RV is supposed to be a pit guy (changing tyres n stuff) and when he becomes a racing driver he knows nothing at all about the finer aspects of the game which incidently are taught by a taxi driver!
When RV's son falls ill and speed is needed to reach him to the hospital RV chooses not to drive for reasons best known to the director!!!
The car sponsors, his suit, his other gears, the car itself and everyother thing that you would associate with a racing team remains the same for him when he races for a totally different team !!!
There are many more of these which I hope would be pointed out by the visitors of my blog.
But, all said and written, this movie is a must watch if you happen to go out with a girl. Your girlfriend will love it (and love 'him' which is even more distressing). Soon enough you will see a lot of 'TaraRumPum Accessories' on the streets with small kids bugging their parent to buy them. May GOD be with you !!!


pourush said...

ta, ra, ma, n pa!..thts when i got my exit shoes on..both literally and symbolically..

ZeeK said...

The Movie has lots of flaws but I think Yash knows Indian Public better than us...
So what if it has some "minor" flaws, I loved this crap..I dont think ne1 would deny the fact that after a long time a film came which can b called as Family Movie Moreover with a moral of money management.
RV took his son(Champ) to hospital and chooses not to drive is quite obvious, Firstly, He was shocked already and Secondly, He jus came out of a fight with Shona over that lie on Princess...
As far as sponsers and ILU signs are considered, those scenes were for total entertainment and dont tell me that ne1 loved sad-poor scenes over racing scenes, although "sad-poor" scenes was flawless still ne1 would prefer Racing scenes.
I think the movie is worth watching and why are we debugging the movie.....???

Alhough being an engg. I must agree with u...but beleive me I dont have girl friend, so I need not worry bout it....

Nitin Joshi said...

expecting intelligence in hindi movies!;)asking for too much i guess!he he
jokes apart, i liked the movie(mmmyeah, without girlfrnd!;)).Okay types,It was gud timepaas stuff.

I appreciate that u picked up flaws in the movie.but dear dont do it in excess with hindi films or else u ll end up taxing ur brains too much!;)