Friday, May 04, 2007

Indian Postal Deparment and Dabur Lal Dantmanjan

The postal department of India is finally starting to think ahead. (or so it seems!!!). I say this not because I saw the 'profit' figures of the Indian-mail, but I did happen to notice a new postal envelope which carried an advertisement of DABUR LAL DANTMANJAN on it.
It would be much better if they start distributing those envelopes for free (along with their services) and try to cash in on the huge market of advertising. There may be a lot of people who would love to target the 'mailing' audience in this E-era.

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pourush said...

sending in an inland post to ur grandma in the village, with a self xplanatory ad tht says,
'bawaseer ka ilaaj karayein, hukam cleenic'

or better still, 'pyaar ka diya phir jalayein'..