Saturday, May 19, 2007


A flock of pigeons almost symbolically flew out of a 313-year-old mosque at Hyderabad as a bomb ripped through a Friday prayer crowd of over 3,000 on the 18th of May, killing nine worshippers.
Hours later, that image of wings of peace fluttering away from a blood-splattered Mecca Masjid seemed to capture the country’s deepest fears when police firing on protesting mobs killed four more persons.
Interestingly the bombing coincides with the start of sentencing for the Mumbai blasts — India’s biggest terrorist strike — which saw five people given three year imprisionment each.
The bombs were made of stick grenades packed into metal pipes and placed inside “tiffin boxes”, the state police chief said. “They were triggered by remote through a cellphone.”
Very soon the streets had turned into battlefields with mobs attacking shops, buses, petrol pumps and policemen, who replied with batons and tear gas before opening fire. Angry Muslim youths carrying stones and sticks were roaming the lanes and bylanes, yards away from the thousands of security personnel swarming over the city.
Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil also claimed that the main objective of the people behind the blast was to whip up communal passion and create disturbances to upset peace and harmony.
The Andhra Pradesh police said the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed was the prime suspect. A Union home ministry source, though, pointed the finger at Deendar Anjuman, a banned outfit that had seven years ago carried out blasts in the state, mostly at temples, churches and Jewish memorials.
Kamal Farooqi, chairman of the Delhi Minority Commission, said the police must look at “all angles to see whether the suspects are Muslim or Hindu extremists”.
Then on the AP Police started pointed fingers at Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami or HUJI and the Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) as the main suspects.
And we all know what happened recently in Punjab and the immediate effect of which is :the rise in demand and cost of Kirpans
Now when we are in the league to become a "SuperPower".. How do we tackle these situations, which are unnecessarily creating disharmony and unrest among the countrymen?? When will the people of various communities of our country trust and respect human relations and lifes more than the misinterpret versions of their scriptures.


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descrying the shadows said...

hey prasoon that is quite an intriguing question you have raised here..I have one too . People of our country fought arms in arms for over 90 years and then oin one day fought against each other...yeah you got it our freedom struggle and the partition..makes u feel that the whole thing was hollow doesnt it...? think about it. theres ur answer man..u blieve it or not man has always been motivated by his innermost selfish desires which may on the exteriors appear to be altruistic or patriotic but if u look at the events that follow u realise they were all for a our ppl unite durin kargil and kill each other in its absence...learn to accept it and not despair over it..cause the way i see it..this is what keeps us goin..the fact that we bond wen situation demands inspite of our differences shows our is rightly said adversity is the acid test for any we will be there..may be a bit late ..but we will be there..

Prasoon Joshi said...

wel, i'm sure harsha would love to comment on that ... its not my post you c :)

Harsha said...

wow sid.. nice to see such a long and more importantly meaningful comment..
but then.. how assure r u to surviving the acid test.. thing are going so bad that there is a threat to life whereevr u r.. is this how u wish to leave always with a gun pointed at u.. and not sure of the next breath..
And our freedom struggle was rather quite peaceful..
And re:kargil.. if that is the only thing that can unite ppl within our country.. well i dont mind if it happens more often..

Prasoon Joshi said...

unity manifests itself in people living in harmony .. if you need a war or a similar 'motivation' for unity then the fundamental idea behind it is defeated .. there are other ways to express unity and a foreign invasion is certainly not the one .. lets rather talk of cricket or may be some religious thing for that matter .. if religion unites i dont have a problem calling myself an extremist ..

descrying the shadows said...

well i do agrree that unity manifests itself in ppl living in harmony...but the response suggests that interpretation of my response has been a bit askewed. I did not speak of a motivation but about rising to the occasion...i do not talk of it existing as a dormant feeling in us, rather as a sub conscious entity within is always there..and its not dormant and it sure is very powerful....religion?????? hasnt that been the sole cause of all our fueled troubles..i use fueled to highlight the role of anti social elements...
See the bottom line is that we are a classic example of unity in diversity...but even then small things like inter caste marriages lead to a big ruckuss in our society and they always have anbd that is what i meant to show with the partition example.
We have ashokas lions as our emblem...ghow ironic they have their backs bonded to eacxh other..they may not see eye to eye but they are joined ...think about it...

Nitin Joshi said...

I think i m not the authority to comment on religion.But I believe,more or less,all the religions preach the same values.Its all about our perception and interpretation of religion.One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist!.

No religion teaches intolerance and violence.If religion unites in a fundamentalist way,I would better call myself atheist!.Its us,we the human beings! So unless and until we change our attitudes and stop blaming religion for our misdeeds,nothing would change.
And so its back to the same question as asked by Prasoon..."When will the people of various communities of our country trust and respect human relations and lifes more than the misinterpret versions of their scriptures."
And as far as our national amblem is concerned, i could also say that four lions bound together,standing in unison with their backs supporting each other.
Its all about perception!