Thursday, May 17, 2007

Provoked ;)

Well was first shoked and then laughed over it, but pepole this incident is worth a thought...
Calcutta High Court on Tuesday(15/05/2007) heard an anticipatory bail plea moved by 30-year-old Dibyendu, of Madhyamgram, who apprehended arrest in connection with a complaint lodged by Rupali with Maniktala police station. The woman had accused Dibyendu of mentally torturing her for regularly wearing a salwar-kameez.
Trouble started six months ago, after Dibyendu had allegedly driven out his 27-year-old wife after a row over her dress code. Rupali didn’t buckle and went off to live at her parental home in Kankurgachhi with her son.
On Tuesday, the wife appeared before the court in a red salwar- kameez.
“Couldn’t she have worn a sari even today? She knows neither do I like her in that outfit and nor do my parents,” the husband told the court, as his wife complained of negligence. Their son gazed on in silence.
“I am comfortable in these clothes. My husband goes by his parents’ wishes and does not care to understand me,” said Rupali.
The judge, however, was not amused by the marital melodrama.
“What a person wears is entirely his or her discretion. No one can dictate terms on that,” Justice Partha Sakha Dutta admonished the bickering couple.
It is this ruling that makes me wonder.. be practical and think about this.. what would you do if you wife prefers to move with clothes which reveal more than they hide??
What would the husbands of Mallika Sharawats or Rakhi Sawanths feel.. Cant they advice them to put on some clothes atleast after marraige..
Or the best example i can think of is Jr Bachchan - Aishwarya.. Cant the Bachchans stop Ash from being the DHOOM gal again?? Now that Ash is official a part of the Bachchan family lets see whats ahead in Ash's career...

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Prasoon Joshi said...

I'd love to marry mallika or rakhi savant ... flaunt them ... as long as my wife is good to me and my family and my kids I really dont care what she chooses to wear (or not to !!!)