Friday, May 04, 2007


A lot of my friends have been writing about love in their blogs. The reason is perhaps that we have a lot of time on our hands and it is one activity which can make a century of time evaporate in a moment (they would of course like to think that time indeed stands still). I was talking to a friend a few days back to ease him out with all the complexities in his life, though I’m not much of an adviser but I speak a lot and some of it does make sense at times. I told him how he would find ‘the one’ made for him one day and from that day his life would start to head towards a journey which he has always dreamt of. His efforts would then start to have a meaning and he would start to build memories which would seem to last for ever and ever. (Actually I was reading ‘One’ by Richard Bach some days back and it was one of the themes of the novel). I went on for a long time giving him convincing reasons as to why he should really believe that his true love was somewhere out there in the wild and while it may not be very obvious that he would meet her, but if he did he would start to feel like a successful man.
He is a patient listener (unlike most other people who are never listening, just waiting for their turn to talk you out), and I would like to think that I made sense in what I said. But then came this one line which completely put me off balance, made all my heavy words and fancy speech disappear into my own head. He said, "PJ, if you do meet her one day, how would you know?"I said that he would just know and they would soon fall into love, ‘cuz this is how such things happen. He said again, “Even if I do fall in love with her and she does the same, and we start moving out and stuff, start seeing each other all the time, how would I know that this love of mine is the love that I’ve been looking for and not something which may exist because of the natural attraction that both of us are bound to have?” I remained speechless for quite sometime and gave some stupid comments like I always do to emerge out of the discussion on a victory note.
I had this discussion in my head for quite sometime and it erupted once again when I was walking with Sourav in Trichy a couple of days back. I always like to believe that I’m a very practical head and reason is my biggest virtues. But this one was indeed simple and I missed it completely. Sourav said, "Buddy this is why we have words like 'break-up'".
It’s easier said than done but yes how true!

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