Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Indian summer

Well no weather-man will suggest you to travel India during this time of the year, nor will any one of us would like to sweat out in the hot plains of our country. But then it will be terrible wrong if anyone says that we people try to hibernate or be dormant during this period. Its rather the time when Lots of activities are on in different communities in our country.
The entire student community is busy with their studies.
While the tenthies get busy biting their nails off, waiting for the results of the 1st big step in the academic career, and apply for various high schools, junior colleges and coaching academies which promise seats in IITs, AIIMS and other top institutes in various fields..
The 12thies finishup their preparations for the last of the long list of entrance exams that they are forced to appear and then join their parents in their prayers to the Almighty for a good ranks and seats in all the college entrance xams they appear for.. For them the rise in blood pressure nullifies the effect of the mercury rise..
When it comes to engineers like me.. well most of us celebrate this time more than Christmas.. Its one of those few moments in the calender with you have to study a little.. Some get glued to books.. some work smart by studying selectivity but effectively.. but then style differs from person to person..
All households in Andhra Pradesh get busy with mangoes.. Pickles and Engineering colleges are the hot topics for discussions for all...
Every one has advises and suggestions for the others but is least sure of their ownself.. People start feeling as if they are the best couselours in the world and try helping others out of depression due to lower than expected results in exams or the taste of pickles.. but when it happens to him or his blood relations go low in spirits..
Most bongs(no matter where they are) start packing their bags and just get ready to holiday at various parts of the country.. preferably the hills..
The gangetic plain gets troubled by the loo; but then there are cheers on all faces.. freinds and families sit togther for watermelons and lassi session..
Rasna International gets busy campaigning for their "NEW" product.. And the sales of various beverages and sun-screens are at all time high..
And when we talk about beverages and sun-screens the 1st thing that comes to my mind is - our cricket team. Team India will soon fly to Ireland.. no matter how they play, fans and sponsors will be happy for their fair skins..
So try to remember "what you did last summer" and plan things for this summmer...


Saurav said...

true for d class of ppl "u" or infact "we" belong to..i mean those who hv got shed to live under and a fan to sit under in dis scorching heat..
wat about more den 50 percent of india's population who hv no other option other den hibernating or rather losing their life to the temperature out here..poor india..

Anonymous said...