Saturday, June 16, 2007


Well, this post may seem to you a bit (or a lot) odd! The fact is that I was listening to a few things that I recorded in the last semester at college, a few friendly interviews; a friend of mine said in one interview that its hard to define "myself" ... "I like people to judge me and form opinions about me based on that ... ".
But, I've noticed on Orkut that there's almost no one who is able to say such a thing and refrain from leaving the 'about me' section blank !!!
Here's a random pick from orkut ... Someone's profile's 'about me' for you. (I don't know the person and my appologies for using it here without your permission, hope I don't have to run to my lawyers for this!!!)
"WELL!!,this is slightly difficult.But,honestly speaking,i am more or less a regular sort of a person but definitely with my own bag of idiosyncracies…usually I am friendly and amiable,but occasionally unpredictable...a little na├»ve and slightly confused about the world at large.
My “good-girl” appearance will lead you to think that I’m a very sweet-tempered,docile,obedient girl-next-door but that’s true only to a certain extent...because this impression eclipses a certain part of myself which is obstinate,and occasionally unreasonable and unpredictable.believe me,it leads people to form various kinds of opinions about me which are inevitably conflicting.close ones can form an accurate idea about me,though.and usually,I’m very quiet,but i have my moments of enthusiasm when i can talk people's heads off.
I can’t stand superficiality or artificiality of any kind and attach immense value to simplicity and honesty.
And before I forget....a bit of a crackpot,I love scribbling rubbish on paper....usually the products of my daydreaming...hehehe "

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