Thursday, June 07, 2007


The DIG, Agra range made a statement on CNN-IBN that “the police reacted as soon as they got the information”. He was commenting on the incident which is not a rarity in Uttar Pradesh anymore, a huge group of lawyers assaulting a young man in the court premises. He was allegedly being ‘punished’ by the lawyers of the Agra court for brawling with one of their colleagues who happened to be his brother in law.
Such a callous behavior was heightened by the fact that the ‘lawyers’ involved in the incident supposedly took a lot of pride in what they were shown doing on the national news channels; a broad smile stretched across their face while they insulted the very profession which gives them an identity.
The DIG’s stand is shameful to say the least. “As soon as they got information…”? The incident happened inside the court premises and the police get the ‘information’ much after the whole episode is telecast on news channels across the nation. God forbade, but if such is the reaction time of the police force of our nation then the government must pass orders to dismantle the forces and issue arms licenses to all the citizens of this ‘democracy’.

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