Tuesday, June 26, 2007

VOTE FOR TAJ!! (Reloaded)

Is the young generation becoming less patriotic??
Well it’s a matter of shame that being a young Indian I am myself doubting my peers.. This doubt came into my mind see the fact that Taj Mahal is far away in the race to be among the Seven Wonders of the World. Even smaller nations with smaller populations are ahead in the race. I am really not able to find valid reason why many aren’t voting. It’s definitely not that we are not aware of the voting systems because our media is very active and really sells on such information. And we have quite a big cluck of our population using the internet and mobile phones and spending a lot of time on them..
Then what is the reason..?? Are we so busy that we can’t find few seconds to vote? Is it a national pride that we have one of the Seven Wonders of the World in our country? Won’t it be a big boost to our tourism sector which is trying out its best to fight out the Malaysia and South East Asian countries? And increase in tourism does benefit the government and thus everyone in the country someway or the other.

So I request every one to get awaken again and let to the maximum we can to get Taj Mahal in the new list of Wonders..


Praveen Dixit said...

Sir,how can we even think that all indians must consider Taj Mahal as peak of architecture or wonder(As i feel its Pyramids of Giza ). First of all voting itself is not the way to decide such technical issue. but anyhow if one had to vote why to vote on such issues like country or state instead of The Art. Its also a form of "nepotism". Instead of voting it will be better to rank The Great Wall of China as 1 and Taj Mahal as 2 according to population of respective countries. Patriotism is not supporting anything which contains India in its name or address...

Harsha said...

Thank you sir for sharing your views on the issue.
But then, the format of the given event was such that it invited people to vote online (more like the reality shows we have these days) and i'm really not sure if the format is to be considered valid or not, coz we hav few selective judges fr various event n sometimes their winners don't turn out accordingly to my personal verdict (for example if you look at the ms. india 2009, i am sure you wud agree that they are not the best in our country).
n re: ur definition of patriotism, yes sir i do agree that it doesnt mean "supporting anything whch contains india in its name or address" but at the same time i have personally visited Taj couple of times and have seen the beauty with my own eyes, so as an admirer of it, i do hold my rights to promote it and ask people who share a similar opinion to take our some time out of their schedule and vote of it.
n further.. such recognition gives a boost to the tourism n helps the economy as well..
so these 2 reasons made me say everything i did..