Thursday, June 07, 2007


Very few people would disagree with me when I say that ‘The use of cell phones must be restricted in high sensitivity areas like near the operation theatre in a hospital’. However, when it comes to the implementation and bringing to practice the preached, the administration of such places hit a staggering halt because of the uncooperative attitude of the people.
I spent quite a lot of time in a hospital recently (my sister was blessed with a baby boy) and I noticed how the people of India are totally uncouth when it comes to knowing how to behave in a public place. They were not expected to switch off their cell phones as it does help one in connecting to their dear ones. But, though there was no sign board which instructed them to keep their cells in silent mode, each and every minute I could hear some freak’s cell phone ring out loud, playing some irritating number from Himesh Reshmiya.
Such things cannot be forced onto people. They need to be cultivated in the society through character building of the nation. The recent vandalism carried out by the so called ‘Gujjar liberators’ has been commented on by the Honorable Supreme Court as a matter of National shame and on the backdrop of such a horrendous event for the surging nation we need to put in a lot of thought into ‘National character building’.

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