Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Imagine this: You are riding a bike on a busy road along with 2 other friends. Yes, I mean all 3 of you on the same bike! The person driving the very sturdy Pulsar 150cc is good at his job and maneuvering even in the heavy traffic is quite simple for him. Nevertheless, it is illegal and an inconspicuous police jeep parked at the corner of the road is not spotted and they get caught. All papers come in handy and there’s no problem with anything else, an Rs.45 challan is all that would have to be paid. Fair enough, they say, not a bad deal, after all they did break a law.
The police team inspecting the lawbreakers has forgotten the challan receipt book in the ‘thana’ and they’ll have to move to that place which is some 1 kilometer from there. But, how do they go there? I mean, 3 of them cannot ride on a single bike now can they! This doubt is raised in front of the police inspector and he suggests that they can take the inside road where there wont be more checks and reach the police station where after getting the receipt they can go back.
Now imagine this: The same 3 friends ride the same bike, now moving towards the police station. They reach the place faster than the police and decide to take some cold drink at the nearby shop! In due course of time the police jeep comes back and they go inside the ‘thana’, get their job done and move out of the police station again doing the same for which they were caught in the first place. But, now they have the much honored receipt so for a few days they can manage with 3 people on one bike!
Yes you have guessed it right; one of them was me (with my friends Vinay and Sam). May God be with us!!!


Shalin Shekhar Mangar said...

Hilarious :)

Did this happen on your trip to Sitamarhi?

Rajyalakshmi said...

Good piece of writing.. :)
The state of Indian police is saddening indeed.. although your post has an air of humour to it, there's an implicit factor people might fail to see.. people could just read it and laugh it away, or they could discern the technicalities that Indian law keepers resort to and see to it that atleast they dont become responsible for some of these... great job.. :)