Thursday, June 28, 2007

MAYA-wati starts glittering b4 her state does..

Mayawati is bringing in lot of hope and goodwill amongst all people of Uttar Pradesh. But while she was busy was the election campaign and as the leader of opposition, she simultaneously increased her assets by 400 %. While filling a nomination for Lok Sabha elections in 2004, she declared her assets at a little over Rs 11 crore. And now according to TOI’s latest report, she declared her current assets to exceed Rs. 52..5 crore..
But then the boom is real estate is a crime factor behind this.. She invested at some prime properties in Delhi – one at Sardar Patel Marg is worth Rs 18 crores (though the real estate agents quote a much higher rate).. Commercial properties – 2 at Connaught Place worth 3.3 crores and 1 at Okhla worth Rs 15.5 crores.
But at the same time she added jewellery and diamonds worth ove Rs 70 lakh and money in banks and other financial institutes have grown from Rs 9 crore to around Rs 13 crore.
Now she is getting busy to pay a penalty and settle the I-T demand.
Before I end listen to this interesting fact: she doesn’t own a car, agricultural or non-agricultural land.


KAS said...

i just want to ask one thing how can some one who says that she has come from a very poor back gound,and has only been an MLA and chif minister(for perhaps 8 months) and a party chief muster up even those 11 crores???the salaries to even our chiefministers is i believe not above 40-50k a month and almost the same for an MLA if not less....and what ever the money she recieves as a party chief should be used for the party and she shouldnt ve had any ancestral property as she says she is from a very poor background so the million dollar question is where did the money come from????and i havent yet forgoten those obscenely lavish B'day parties which she has hosted durin her tenure as a CM (the expenditure to which came abt 10 to 50 crores)which either she has spent or which has come from the state exchequer (which is much much worse!!!)so though i m tempted to believe that mayawati is non corrupt and all her assets are legitimate i dont think thats totally right.though i dont find it hard to believe and am even a bit happy to know that mayawati is trying to improve her state.infact i would be the happiest person to know that there is any politicial who is so uncorrupt that all his/her assets are legitimate...but
the hard fact today is that most politicians in our country are corrupt and we are forced to chose the lesser evil among those devils.infact at times i think that let them eat what ever want but atlest do something for this nation (which is crying for help) other than filling their treasuries.but unfortunately seems like they are not even going to take a commercial break from their job of filling their coffers!!!aare yaar i ve again exceeded the length of the article itself...God help me!!!!!pls yaar dont get irritated and block me off from u r blog..since i havent started posting my own articles on my blog this is the only place wher i can vomit all my bhaddas over the system!!!!hope u guys would put up with me!!!

Prasoon Joshi said...

its a matter of honour for me and harsha(i hope) to have such opiniated people commenting on our efforts ..