Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is ZAPAK Doing it Rite??

Now a days advertising has become very important for all companies and they are coming up with new and innovtive ways to attract people. But did you all check the ad for
Not sure how many of you felt the same way.. but I feel that the ad offends the Indian postal service and its glory of being one of the biggest chains in the world.
The mascot of zapakmail is a man dressed like a postman, travelling on a rocket with an emergency light at front.
While the postal services are spending crores to modernise and make its service more efficient this campaign by Anil Ambani's venture Zapak is trying to bring in a disgrace to its slow delivery process.
While entering into e-mail services Zapak should try to compete with the other players in the market and prove its efficiency in comparison with them, not Indian postal services which quite efficient and reliable for its mail and other services.

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descrying the shadows said...

personal view man...i think their adds suck big time..not only the postal dep..but also the grave thingy..i mean hw sick can they get