Saturday, June 09, 2007

In Black and White

I was at Hyderabad for the past 2 weeks when all the examination results were released. I was happy that the results were better this time compared to earlier ones. The pass percentage of 10th and 12th in all board examinations were lot better than the earlier years and then as the trend goes the girls faired better than the boys.
And I was further happy that students from Andhra Pradesh did well in the entrance exams like the IIT-JEE and AIEEE bagging lot of top ranks..
But on June 8th Hindu Edition, it points out that India has the dubious distinction of having the highest teenage suicide rates in the world.
Now try to find out the reasons for it I found 2 of them.
Firstly it is because of the over emphasis on studies and marks given by their parents and even the entire society. Always people expect children to perform well irrespective of their backgrounds and circumstances. For thing to change everyone should released that good marks aren’t the index to people’s potential and there are things people can do and come up well in life even without good scores. And not everyone can get got scores, and they might be skilled to do something else.
Secondly, it is due to the high rate of child abuse in India. Indians are very fond of pointing fingers at the “decadent West”, the high divorce rates there and so on, but are we any better?
There are either because their parents and other kins sell them for the need of money or due to their fear of parents. So we should realised that thought we Indian are very proud of our culture and are well brought-up under our parent’s guidance; but when looked at a broader scale there is a difference.
Our children need lot guidance and lot more support. They must be trained to cope up with such situations and suicides should be the last thing coming to their mind. A young bud should go wasted without getting a chance to bloom.

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