Monday, June 18, 2007


We (3 friends and I) set out to go on a biking tour to a near by temple and a picnic spot of sorts (some 70kms from the city) this Sunday. The place is called ‘Sitamarhi’ and is believed to be the place where ‘sita’ descended into the earth. There is of course a lot of dispute over the whole issue. Leaving the set of people who believe that the whole issue is a faux, there are those who believe that the actual place is somewhere in Bihar. Considering the fact that Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are more or less the same place (politically, intellectually, infra wise, religious sentiments, beliefs, etc.) it has never been a much debated issue like the ‘Babri masjid’!

We set out early in the morning on our bikes (both Pulsar 150cc) and as always the road was fun. Had photo shoots; the regular road side ‘chai dhaba’; an occasional ‘good face’ to watch for; a few buffalos; broken roads; smooth highway; speeding trucks (TATA and Ashok Leyland !!!), in all the road as usual. We did flaunt our disobedience and stupidity at the same time by not wearing our helmets, but God was with us!
The temple is some 10 km inside a village along the highway and riding in the village is a big challenge, occasional cattle and small kids crossing the road just in front of you; I need not mention that the road is in shambles.
We reached the place by 10 in the morning and after some soul searching in the temple had our breakfast. The place has got some good facilities for the visitors, now that the place is such a big attraction for people looking for some escape from the daily monotony and Allahabad doesn’t have a lot of good hang out places so this is heaven for us.
Then followed a round of discussions, jokes, walk in the huge temple compound, and what not! Then it was time for lunch. We hogged on some fine rotis, dal makhani, paneer butter masala, kadhai paneer and sprite! If you are a non-vegetarian then this place will not cater to your taste buds. Then another round of jokes, photos, roaming around till it was time to get back. This time the weather was not too polite to us and riding a bike in the blazing heat is not the best of experiences. Nevertheless, honking we rode our bikes to get back home and the lord of rain did finally bless our courage and we had to ride in the sun only for about 40 minutes.
Tired, I sunk into my bed and slept for a few hours. Now comes the sad part. When I woke up I had a nauseating feeling and a slight pain in my stomach. After minutes of uneasiness I finally threw up. Must have been due to the stuff I ate during my day. Then late in the night my dad took me to a nearby nursing home (and ya it was ‘Father’s day’ yesterday!!!) where a male nurse jabbed two injections into my veins. I’m still weak while writing this blog but a lot better than yesterday. But, what a crazy day!
The only pitiful thing now is that I have to restrict the things that I’m eating and eating ‘khichadi’ with lime is just not palatable.

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